StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier

StarTest™ Management Team

StarTest™ is led by an outstanding team of professionals with the extensive experience in building and managing of successful test companies. StarTest™ personnel brings to the company years of test development and management experience from leading Israeli companies such as P-Cube, Tower Semiconductor, ADC Israel, and Testability.

Leonid Kurilan: StarTest™ Management Team, JTAG, ICT, DFT, BSDL Validation

Leonid Kurilan (B. Sc., M. S.) is the experienced test engineer in the field of electronic boards, chips and systems testing. He has more than 20 years of experience (abroad and in Israel) in development and usage of various test systems, such as Teradyne ICT testers Z8xxx and Z18xx, chip testers Credence SC212, as well as JTAG test systems of Corelis, JTAG Technology, Flynn Systems, etc. He holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Leonid is the StarTest™ founder and CEO since January 2003. Prior to that, he worked as test manager in the P-Cube and as ICT staff manager in the PCB Technologies. He was also a participant of Teradyne library test models writing group in the E&M Engineering.

The Leonid's role in StarTest™ is both General Manager involved in each project and the developer and consultant of ICT and JTAG projects.

Dr. Ami Gorodetsky: StarTest™ Management Team, JTAG, ICT, DFT, BSDL Validation

Dr. Ami Gorodetsky (1951 - 2013) (B. Sc., M. S., PhD) had more than 30 years of experience (both internationally and domestically) in the development and managing of electronic testing strategies. He was also a recognized and accomplished academic in the fields of circuit and device Design-for-Testability (DFT) methodology and Boundary-Scan (JTAG) technologies (1149.1, 1149.4, 1149.6, 1149.7, 1149.8.1, 1532, 1500, P1581, б687, etc.) implementation.

Ami held a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He had held many test engineering and managing positions in a variety of industries, incl. defense electronics, telecommunications, and semiconductors.

Ami was the StarTest™ co-founder and the Chief Technologist of the StarTest™ company since 2005. He was also the founder of the JTAG.TEST company since 2010. Prior to that, he served as Chief Scientist at Testability Ltd. He was also a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (the School of Computer Science and Engineering), a lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and a senior lecturer at the Israeli Hi-Tech College (Herzlia).

Dr. Gorodetsky had gained recognition as a JTAG test and DFT expert. He was the author of numerous papers and patents related to electronic testing, as well as the author of the monograph Introduction into JTAG and DFT technologies (Palmarium Academic Press, Saarbrucken, Germany, ISDN 978-3-8473-9324-5, in Russian).

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