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Test & Measurement Running Show, October 26. 2010 | Daniel Hotel, Herzlia, Israel
Lecture of Dr. Ami Gorodetsky ̎ew JTAG Test and Debug Standard IEEE 1149.7ۍ

עמי בוקר טוב!

שמחתי מאוד שהזמנו אותך להרצות בכנס שמחתי מאוד שהזמנו אותך להרצות בכנס

שנערך ב- 26.10.2010 במלון דניאל, הרצליה.

ההדים על הרצאתך לא מפסיקים להגיע ואני שומעת רק ביקורות טובות.

החומר שהכנת היה מקיף והוסבר מצוין על ידך.

הרצאתך הייתה מעניינת, מלווה בדוגמאות והמחשות.

אין לי ספק שכל המשתתפים יצאו מרוצים לאור יכולתך וגם עם מספר ´טיפים´ חשובים.

תודה מקרב לב !

אני אשמח להיות איתך בקשר בעתיד.

Yael Koffer Rokban
Head of Exhibition Department


When printed circuit board contract manufacturer Flextronics Israel ran into a high failure rate on a densely populated boards, Michael Dolkin, NPI Manager of Flextronics Israel, wasn't sure what he could do to solve the problem.

"We don't have JTAG software capability on our staff here," Mr. Dolkin said. "So we turned to StarTest™ to help us and they developed a test program for us that have been very successful."
The board in question was densely populated with fine-pitch integrated circuits (ICs) and ball grid arrays (BGAs). Physical access to test points and to many of the devices themselves was nonexistent. As a result, SMT's in-circuit test (ICT) equipment could not be used to locate and diagnose the problems that were causing the high failure rate.

"We use ICT equipment extensively in the tight cooperation with StarTest™, but for some boards, we just don't have the access that an ICT system needs," Mr. Dolkin explained. "That's when we turn to JTAG. We use ICT and JTAG as complements to each other and that has worked very well for us. With more and more ICs having JTAG cells and the increasing density of board designs, we are turning to JTAG more often. And whenever we use JTAG, we turn to StarTest™."

The JTAG test program developed and implemented by StarTest™ personnel using the Corelis and JTAG Tech Boundary-Scan test and in-system programming systems was able to locate many of the opens and shorts that were causing problems on the assembled boards. And when the test program could not pinpoint the exact failure, the test programs debug capability was used to troubleshoot the board until the problem was fixed.

"We don't necessarily want to develop in-house JTAG expertise, but every time we need help on a project, StarTest™ has come through for us. They have been very responsive and worked very hard to assure our success," Mr. Dolkin concluded.

Alvarion® סיפור ההצלחה של

"מדיניות לביצוע בדיקות מבניות ב-Alvarion במשך שנים היא שילוב של בדיקות ICT עם בדיקות Boundary-Scan" אמר מוטי עזרא, מנהל בדיקות Alvarion. "הדרישות שלנו לאיכות בדיקה וכיסוי תקלות הן מאוד גבוהות, וזוהי הסיבה שחיפשנו קבלן משנה לעבודות האלו יסודי במיוחד, ובחרנו StarTest™. אנחנו עובדים מספר שנים בצמוד עם חברה זו כקבלן משנה לפיתוח תכניות בדיקה, גם ב-ICT וגם ב-Boundary-Scan. זוהי קבוצת מומחים בעלי הבנה עמוקה בכלי פיתוח תכניות בדיקה, אנליזת תקלות וגילויין.

אנו ב-Alvarion מרוצים מאוד מהאיכות שירות בדיקות שאנו מקבלים מחברת StarTest™ ובכוונתנו להמשיך שיתוף פעולה פורח זו".

Testing prototype boards before the designs are even functional reduce development cost
at PMC-Sierra with using the StarTest™ JTAG test service

PMC-Sierra™ is a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers, and fiber access gateway equipment.

Gadi Rachmani is a PMC-Sierra (Israel) Operation Manager, responsible for the boards manufacture. Gadi came to StarTest™ looking for a more effective method for bringing up complex prototype assemblies. The diminishing access of test points on these complex board assemblies, due to fine pitch components and restrictive packaging types such as BGA, often prevented the usage of traditional probing methods and was making board bring-up a costly and time consuming process.

Design engineers are often faced with a confounding problem when bringing up new prototype assemblies. Detecting a manufacturing defect before a design has been verified as functional can be a frustrating task. When this problem is multiplied by the inability to access crucial test points then the initial debug process can become a huge bottleneck that slips the entire development schedule. Aware of these potential pitfalls, Gadi was seeking for a more effective solution to help streamline this initial debug process.

Using the StarTest™ JTAG test service, PMC-Sierra (Israel) was able to create test vectors and have a test plan in place prior to receiving their first prototype boards from assembly. When the boards arrived, they connected the StarTest™ JTAG test equipment to their prototype boards. Before their embedded processor fetched its first opcode, they were able to execute a complete board level interconnect test, test on-board memory devices, program CPLDs and Flash memory devices, and test system logic clusters.

"The StarTest™ JTAG test service has been extremely helpful in getting our boards up and running. We've been able to identify manufacturing defects and have them repaired prior to trying to make the board functional. I'm sure this has saved countless troubleshooting hours. We are very pleased with the StarTest™ test service level and their readiness to help us immediately", said Gadi.

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