StarTest™ serves as the ICT/JTAG test support supplier

StarTest™JTAG Manager

Multiple tasks, the single solution!

We're proud to introduce to you a set of unique and innovative tools in field of assembly and testing of electronic boards, that designed to exalt the chore of different professionals to a new level, increase productivity and save many work hours. These applications would facilitate the work solderers, quality inspectors, JTAG test operators and boards repair technicians, and make it much more productive.

StarTest™JTAG MANAGER is a software set that contains three main modules:

  • JMAN - JTAG Manager;
  • TFL - Test Fault Locator;
  • OFS - Operator's Fault Spotlight;

The software is intended for use by:

  • Manual soldering workers - TFL module;
  • Visual inspection controllers - TFL module;
  • JTAG testing operators - JMAN and OFS modules;
  • Repair technician staff after JTAG and ICT testing - TFL and OFS modules.

The software uses the following source files listed below:

  • Layout design CAD files in formats:
    • FABMASTER files in FAZ, FAT formats;
    • GENCAD;
    • ODB++ files archived to ZIP, TGZ;
    • BOARD, BOARD_XY files of Keysight (Agilent) 3070 archived to ZIP;
    • ALLEGRO BRD files.
  • Schematic design files in PDF format;
  • BOM files in CSV format;
  • JTAG Test sequence files SQC, TSP (for JMAN module only).

The Features:

  • Creating a project based on source files (Figures 1-3);

  •    Figure 1. New Project creation menu.

       Figure 2. JMAN New Project creation window.

       Figure 3. Fields filling of a New Project window.

  • Creating a project tree (Figure 4);

  •    Figure 4. JMAN projects tree.

  • Creating a board image from input CAD files (Figure 5);

  •    Figure 5. A Board View window with control buttons.

  • Establishing a project database that includes five tables - PARTS, NETS, ICT NAILS, BOM, CATEGORIES and connections between them (Figure 6);

  •    Figure 6. Components table within a database screen.

  • Distribution of parts by categories within the database (resistors, capacitors, diodes, IC, etc.) with the possibility of changing and adding categories if necessary (Figure 7);

  •    Figure 7. Table of parts categories within a database screen.

  • Color highlighting of components group in Board View window by selecting of PN or Category from the database (Figures 8-9);

  •    Figure 8. Highlighting parts by PN selected in Board View window.

       Figure 9. Highlighting parts by Category selected in Board View window.

  • A search for Parts, Pins and Nets, from the Database or Test Vectors, or Diagnostic Results window, causes immediate and simultaneous displaying of results in Board Scheme and Board View windows (Figures 10-11);

  •    Figure 10. Simultaneously search of Parts, Pins and Nets in Board Scheme and Board View windows from a database.

       Figure 11. Simultaneously search of Parts,Pins and Nets in Board Scheme and Board View windows from a Test Vectors window.

  • Running of JTAG testing sequences based on CORELIS and JTAG TECHNOLOGIES platforms (Figure 12);

  •    Figure 12. Running of JTAG testing sequence.

  • Graphically displaying the test results on the Board View window by colors - green (Passed) and red (Failed) - (Figure 13);

  •    Figure 13. Displaying the test results after running JTAG test sequence on the Board View window - green (Passed), red (Failed).

  • Saving the test reports in text or CSV formats (Figures 14-15);

  •    Figure 14. Definition of the test reports path, name and format.

       Figure 15. Example of a CSV formatted test report.

  • Saving the JTAG testing history including all screens of JTAG MANAGER (Figure 16);

  •    Figure 16. Definition of the JTAG testing history files path and name.

  • Displaying of stored history files at Offline repair Station (OFS) for data processing and boards repairs (Figures 17-18);

  •    Figure 17. The list of stored history files.

       Figure 18. Data processing and fault search within the OFS module from stored history file.

  • Displaying Repair Report window to be filled in by the technician and saving of the data in the same history file in the OFS module (Figures 19-20).

  •    Figure 19. Report Repair window. Selection a defect type.

       Figure 20. Repair Report filled.

New in JTAG Manager 4.1!

  • Now the View Board window is interactive.
       By just cursor selection you can see the object properties.
       It can be a part:

       A pin:

       A net - Pins on selected NET highlighted RED if they are on active board side, otherwise BLUE:

       An ICT Nail:

  • Left click on the selected object leaves it highlighted and makes the JM to perform searching of the object's name in scheme (if opened) and in the Board Database.

  • In order to zoom into wished area you just need to select an area's diagonal with pushed left mouse button:

  • Each Database object can be copied to the clipboard right clicking on it's name:

  • 'Tools' menu added to the main menu line:

       It allows to user fast changing any wished settings:

  • The 'Board View Elements Settings' submenu accessible also from the 'Board View' window by right clicking anywhere and selection 'Elements display settings':

       and also from the 'Board View' control panel:

New 2018' user friendly features:

  • Updates done in JTAG Manager 4.1.6545.2018:
    • Added Find tab in Test Vectors window:

      It allows to find vectors related to Nets and Pins, by fully or partly accordance with wanted Net or Pin name.
    • Added floating Administrator's license included into USB dongle. Not nodelocked.
    • Fixed bug of JT3705-USB controller support.
  • Updates done in JTAG Manager 4.2.6639 Mar-2018:
    • Added support of Allegro BRD files:

      The converting BRD files to JMD format allows significantly reduce the file size and load time.

    • Added automatic scrolling of the Run Log window to show the test results of select line in the test sequence by click on it.
    • Some small bugs fixed.
  • Updates done in JTAG Manager 4.3.6776 Jul-2018:
    • Significantly improved data extraction process from all supported Layout CAD files.
    • Added possibility to change the board frame for viewing:

      Pic. 1. Originally board view from CAD.

      Pic. 2. The board view formatting.

      Pic. 3. The board view after formatting.
    • Board view Control and Board Display Settings buttons moved to above Board View display position and also added to the same display at Import Layout stage. It allows place the board in necessary position by default already at the Import Layout stage.
    • Added possibility to select/deselect Layers to show at the Board View display, by the menu in the bottom right corner of the window:

      Pic. 4. The Layers show select/deselect menu.
    • Added additional options in Board Display Settings menu:

      Pic. 5. The Board Display Settings menu.
    • Added possibility to convert entered CAD file into FABmaster FATF file (protected by additional license):

      Pic. 6. Create FATF button.
    • Some small bugs fixed.
  • Updates done in JTAG Manager 4.3.6837 Sep-2018:
    • Significantly improved data extraction process from all supported Layout CAD files.
    • Added possibility to extract Netlist of the board in Telesis and JTN formats:

      Pic. 1. Export Netlist in Telesis/JTN formats.
    • Added possibility to extract scelton of DEVICE.ASC file for additional processing:

      Pic. 2. Export DEVICE.ASC file.
    • Added possibility to easy IT project paths Mapping change:

      Pic. 3. Replace Test Property Values command.
      For this purpose select Replace Test Property Values command from Project menu.
      Select Common Test Path for Find what line. The common paths for all project files will be shown automatically.

      Pic. 4. Existed Common Test Path select.
      Then just select new Common Test Path for Replace with line.

      Pic. 5. New Common Test Path select.
      All common paths will be changed after pushing Replace Selected button.

      Pic. 6. Replace selected Common Test Path.
      Save the updated SQC file by pushing to Save JT Project As button.
    • Added possibility to get ICT LOG files for TFL projects not only from a single file, but also from a folder with multiply files:

      Pic. 7. Select folder contains LOG files.
      For this purpose just right click on the Log File line and select Select Folder tab.
      Then select the path to the folder.
      Now, if the board's SN is a part of the log file name, the JM will show all existing SN by click on Select log by serial number icon.

      Pic. 8. Select log file by serial number.
    • Some small bugs fixed.
  • Updates done in JTAG Manager 4.3.6901 Nov-2018:
    • Added support for Allegro BRD files Rev.20. Now JTAG Manager supports BRD files rev. 18, 19, 20.
    • Added possibility to run the test sequence from any line. Just right click on wished line and select option Run Starting from Test

      Pic. 1. Run the test sequence from any line.
    • Added possibility to find matching vectors. It is very usable for shorted nets search and for BSDL files validation as well.
      Just right click on wished vector and select Find Matching Vector option.

      Pic. 2. Find Matching Vectors feature.
      The JTAG Manager executes search of matching vectors by defined parameters.
      By default: Matching type - Equal; Threshold - 0 Bits.

      Pic. 3. Matching Vector found with default parameters.
      Possible parameters:
      Matching type: Equal, Inverted, Both.
      Threshold: Bits, Percent.

      Pic. 4. Possible Matching parameters.
      By selection Threshold more than 0 Bits, matching patterns depicted blue, not matching - pink.

      Pic. 5. Vectors found with Threshold 4 bits.
    • Some small bugs fixed.


  • 30-days free software evaluation license for a single position;
  • A single position annual license. This license should be renewed each additional year;
  • A single position license without time limit. Including support for the first year. The support issue is renewable for each additional year;
  • Full license includes all three modules JMAN, TFL and OFS;
  • TFL license includes support of TFL module only;
  • OFS license includes support of OFS module only.

We will be glad to answer to your questions and requests for additional information.

Please download the software from the FTP server. In order to get login and password please send a message with the subject "Download JTAG Manager". By the first launch after installation, the license request window will appear (Figure 21).

   Figure 21. The license request window

Please send your Computer ID from this window and you'll get back 30-days free License Key.


And now, revolution in JTAG Manager pricing. We're proud to present the new configuration of the JTAG Manager structure that allows significantly reduce the system price. This new configuration is also more flexible and can be adjusted per user.

The system includes:

  • JTAG Manager Administrative Station (JTMAS).
    JTMAS license allows create up to 10 projects of any type and also can be used as one of work stations of any type.
  • JTAG Manager User Stations (JTMUS) of any type (JTM, OFS, TFL).
    Low cost JTMUS allows use projects created by JTMAS at any work place of test operator, test technician and also by soldering and visual inspection staff.

Comments from JTAG Manager users:

  • ביאלר רן
    .Final tests at Marvell Israel Ltd
    שמי רן, עובד בחברת מארוול ומשתמש בתוכנה מזה כשנה. התוכנה ידידותית למשתמש ומקלה מאוד את תהליך איתור התקלות המתגלות בבדיקות. ריכוז כל המידע הנדרש (סכימות, בום, מיקום פיזי של רכיבים וכו') חוסך זמן יקר בעת איתור ותיקון תקלות. חשוב לציין את התמיכה הרחבה אותה אני מקבל מלאוניד במגוון נושאים הקשורים לבדיקות בעזרת התוכנה ולא רק בנושאים הקשורים לתוכנה.

    Bialer Ran
    Final tests at Marvell Israel Ltd.
    My name is Ran, working at Marvel and use the software for the last year. The user-friendly software makes revealing of the tests troubleshooting very easy to process. Concentration of required information (schemes, BOM, the physical location of components etc.) saves valuable time for problems search and fixing. It is important to note the broad support that I receive from Leonid by variety of topics related to testing using the software, and not only software-related issues.

  • דוד שאבו
    טכנאי בדיקות .JTAG
    אלביט מערכות יבשה ותקשוב תדיראן בעמ.
    עבדתי על תיקוני מעגלי MODEM ובהחלט התוכנה עזרה לי בתיקון הכרטיסים.
    התוכנה יעילה ומציגה את הקווים שנופלים בצורה ברורה וקלה לאיבחון.

    David Shabo
    JTAG testing technician.
    Elbit Systems Ltd.
    I worked to repair of MODEM boards and the software definitely helped me to do it.
    The software is effective and displays the failed lines in a clear and easy form to diagnostic.

  • עודד ניר
    ראש צוות בדיקות.
    אלביט מערכות יבשה ותקשוב תדיראן בעמ.
    התוכנה חוסכת זמן יקר באיתור התקלה ועושה רושם שהיא מייעלת את העבודה.

    Oded Nir
    Testing team leader.
    Elbit Systems Ltd.
    The software saves valuable time for faults searching, and it seems that it really streamlines the work.

The JTAG Manager presentation PDF file can be found here.

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